How to properly perform an erotic massage?

Every couple tries to add variety to their sex life. In this article, you’ll learn more about what you need to create an atmosphere and how to perform the massage technique correctly.

If you’re looking for a way but don’t know what to come up with, then erotic massage in Offenbach is just the thing for you! It’s a simple and exciting way to surprise your loved one. Try using gentle and relaxing movements to arouse your partner’s desire. It is essential to create an intimate atmosphere. 

Stages of creating an erotic atmosphere

There is nothing more refreshing and sensual than a good massage, especially when your partner gives it to you! A massage can be a very relaxing, stimulating and sensual experience for you and your partner. If you decide to do something new with your loved one, it’s worth paying attention to even the smallest details.

Choosing the right place

Choose a suitable place. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the bedroom where you want to massage your partner. Start by buying a good body oil, dimming the lights, and lighting some scented candles. Put together a playlist of their favorite romantic songs and decorate the bed with flower petals.

Choosing the right clothing

Put on something different instead of your usual nightgown. Wear a robe and something “interesting” underneath. You’re where we’re going with this? Rummage through your closet and pick out a few quirky and cheeky items of clothing that will instantly wow your partner.

Choosing the right massage technique

You don’t necessarily have to attend a massage course. You can improvise or watch video courses on the internet. 

Don’t just concentrate on your stomach, arms, and back, but also on the areas that are often neglected during a massage. For example, your ears! Gently press your earlobes together between your thumb and index finger and circle the mucous membrane of the ear. Then move on to other areas, such as the back of your knees, the soles of your feet, and your lower back.

Discover the maximum pleasure and enjoyment that self-massage can bring. It’s an experience worth trying, so why not give it a go? Show sensuality and fantasy in erotic massage. Eir is the best option to bring a couple closer together. This way of foreplay is sure to please both partners. Mastering massage techniques can now be done online or by enrolling in a course. Today, there are many great deals to help you diversify your sex life. 



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